Sunday, February 05, 2006

Not in my name

I despair…

What the hell is wrong with our People??...

What on Earth do they think they achieve when they burn flags and torch embassies??... What do they think this uncontrollable demonstration of venom and hatred says about Islam and Muslims?..

I tell you what they have achieved.. they have confirmed, in a most convincing fashion, to the whole world that WE ARE the terrorists.. that WE ARE the blood-thirsty thugs.. that WE ARE everything our enemies describe us as.. and worse..

Some have been blaming tis on the acts of the Americans Iraq and the Israelis in Palestine.. Let's not kid ourselves.. anyone who saw those pictures (many Arabs and Muslims included) did not say: 'Aah, the poor people are enraged by what happens in Iraq and Palestine.. That's ok, let them vent off their anger!!..'.. In fact, most sensible people would say 'what a bunch of idiots and hooligans...'..

I am enraged!.. Far beyond my words can say.. These acts will only serve to destroy any semblance of a favourable image Muslims and Arabs might have left.. These mobs totally undermine all the good work that many of us have toiled and sweated blood and tears over years to achieve, in our attempts to raise the profile of our distinguished civilization, and show the true meaning of Arabism and Islam.. and then, you get hoodlums like those mobs in Damascus yesterday, and Beirut today.. They did not only vandalize the Danish and Norwegian embassies, they destroyed the image of a Nation..

How can any of us now say ‘Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance’??..

It might be said that these hideous acts were carried out by ‘agents provocateurs’, It might be said that those who did it are regime puppets.. it might even be said that they are foreign agents with a different agenda.. Nevertheless, these acts were carried out in the name of Islam, under the guise of defending it.. What a sickening farce.. I say to all those bastards who attacked the Embassies and burnt flags and vandalised properties.. ‘Not in my name.. Never..

Yes, I am enraged.. and I am ashamed... I have never in my life felt ashamed to be Syrian.. I do now… yesterday was a dark day in Syria’s modern history..

I just despair…


Leilouta said...

It is not your fault.
They just have too much time on their hands,that is the problem.

Abu Kareem said...

I am with you. How come these same people are so timid about those who really make their lives a living hell ?... their own leaders. Why can't they get that angry about the corruption, the utter lack of freedom and the stiffling oppression? These are cartoons for God's sake, stupid CARTOONS. Nobody was killed, nobody was maimed by them. Yes they were disrespectful but so what? Is Islam such a shallow faith that it cannot survive the jabs of a cartoonist in Denmark? It is those people who pretend to be defending Islam that are doing it the most harm.

Don Cox said...

There are young thugs everywhere, waiting for a good excuse for a riot. There are also militia members who can put on plain clothes to look like a "spontaneous demonstration". ___The people to blame are those who organise the Islamist media campaigns which spark off the violence. In this case, Imam Ahmad Abu Ladan, who seems to have caused plenty of trouble before. This is a re-run of the "Quran down a toilet" story. If they cannot find a real incident to "take offense" at, they will invent one - for instance, the false rumor that Qurans will be burned in Denmark. Go for the organisers and financiers, not the cannon fodder.

ibn yafa said...

Mr. Cox...His name is Abu Laban not Abu Ladan. Not a big deal, but your Freudian slip nicely shows what your unconscious is obsessed with.

My suggestion is that you calm down and have some time off.

Eyad said...

It is truely a disgrace.

Rime said...

Well said! Not in our name. But I think we can still say that religion stands for peace and tolerance, as it is not responsible for the actions of these idiots.

And since the authorities seem to have a hand in encouraging these people, I personally don't think we need to feel any shame in being Syrian - the shame belongs to the sheep who allow themselves to be manipulated this way, and to the manipulators who will go to any length to further their own agendas. In my opinion, neither represent Syrians.

The Syrian Brit said...

Thank you, Rime, for your comments. I do appreciate that Islam (and religion in general) is not responsible for the actions those thugs. However, the problem that I am facing (and, I am sure, many like me are also facing) is that the voice of moderation is constantly and overwhelmingly being drowned by these graphic images of 'muslim' shouting 'KILL'... Religion does stand for peace and tolerance.. Only it is getting extremely difficult to defend it when it has been hijacked by lunatics.. hence my despair..

elengil said...

Only it is getting extremely difficult to defend it when it has been hijacked by lunatics.. hence my despair..

No doubt I'd have felt the same despair as you do now where I alive during the Crusades or the Inquisition. (I already feel sickened by fellow "Christians" when they say and do idiotic stuff like Pat Robertson or Jesse Jackson. *rolls eyes*)

It doesn't matter who they are or what they believe, there will always be lunatics who decide to take something beautiful and make it ugly, who will use violence to get what they want, who will lie to further their own agenda, and who will just basically 'not get it'.

Don Cox said...

"His name is Abu Laban not Abu Ladan. Not a big deal, but your Freudian slip nicely shows what your unconscious is obsessed with."____You are trying to make a big deal out of a simple typo. Arabic names are hard to spell right when you don't speak the language. The real question is why this Abu Laban guy was publishing offensive images of the Prophet all over the Middle East, and falsely claiming that they all came from a Danish newspaper. The result of his lies is that a number of Muslims have died.

elengil said...

Sort of off topic, may I ask... how is his name properly spelled, or is there a proper spelling in English?

I've seen it Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad, Mohamat even..

Is there a right way to spell it in English?

I know I've been told that Koran should more accurately be transliterated Qur'an.. I'm wondering if there is a generally accepted proper transliteration for his name?

The Syrian Brit said...

I think the closest transliteration would be 'Muhammad', bearing in mind that the 'h' in this word would be a lot 'deeper' than your regular 'h'. It would come from further back in your throat, if you know what I mean!..
As for 'Qur'an', that is probably the closest version. The apostrphe in the middle is to suggest that you stop (ever so briefly)and start with the 'a' as if it is at the beginig of a word (e.g. as in 'Anne')..
I do hope this makes thing a bit cleare, and that I did not manage to confuse you!!..
Kind regards..

elengil said...

Not confused at all, thank you! :)

It's so hard when comparing how to spell a word in languages that do not share an alphabet or even share all the same letter sounds!

I think it helps that I've had a lot of exposure to other languages, including Hebrew which is actually quite similar to Arabic in a lot of ways, I've found. The letters themselves look entirely different of course, but the words and sounds are very similar.

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