Monday, June 05, 2006

Change of Direction?.. or Admission of Truth?

It has been absolutely ages since I have posted anything, a fact that I am not proud of!!.. However, in my own defense, I have been extremely busy with all manner of things.. be it work or family-related. As a result, I have not had any time for myself lately.. The mere fact that I am posting at 02:00am is proof of that, even for a self-confessed insomniac like me..

Also, in mitigation, I have not been totally absent from the Blogosphere.. I have been, almost compulsively and addictively, visiting my usual 'target' blogs, and actively taking part in the various discussions.. However, the lack of any 'original' thoughts, and the mental block that I sometimes get when overwhelmed and snowed under, meant that I was not really able to write anything worth reading for my blog.. And since my insomnia is, actually, largely related to being overworked, you can add sleep-deprivation to my list of excuses!...

When I first started my blog (or as one witty commentator put it, when I lost my virginity as a blogger!.. and, boy, what an experience it was!!..), I did not intend it to be yet another 'political' blog.. I did not want it to be yet another platform for someone fed-up to the back teeth with the 'situation' back home (even though I truly am!!..).. I wanted it a blog for personal thoughts and experiences.. mine and those of others.. (and 'others' includes any decent person who cares to visit the blog and leave a comment.. Syrians... Arabs... ANY human being.. even aliens and extraterrestrial life-forms are welcome!!..)..

However, I have come to realize what I must have known (but tried to ignore) all along.. You simply cannot separate politics from the very personal thoughts and experiences that I wanted to feature on my blog.. certainly not in the simple mind of yours truly, The Syrian Brit!!..

So, my dear friends, from now on, you can expect a mixture of personal thoughts, social and political musings, as well as various general topics..

Unfortunately, I cannot promise to be any more 'prolific'.. or perhaps I should say 'any less lazy'!..