Monday, June 05, 2006

Change of Direction?.. or Admission of Truth?

It has been absolutely ages since I have posted anything, a fact that I am not proud of!!.. However, in my own defense, I have been extremely busy with all manner of things.. be it work or family-related. As a result, I have not had any time for myself lately.. The mere fact that I am posting at 02:00am is proof of that, even for a self-confessed insomniac like me..

Also, in mitigation, I have not been totally absent from the Blogosphere.. I have been, almost compulsively and addictively, visiting my usual 'target' blogs, and actively taking part in the various discussions.. However, the lack of any 'original' thoughts, and the mental block that I sometimes get when overwhelmed and snowed under, meant that I was not really able to write anything worth reading for my blog.. And since my insomnia is, actually, largely related to being overworked, you can add sleep-deprivation to my list of excuses!...

When I first started my blog (or as one witty commentator put it, when I lost my virginity as a blogger!.. and, boy, what an experience it was!!..), I did not intend it to be yet another 'political' blog.. I did not want it to be yet another platform for someone fed-up to the back teeth with the 'situation' back home (even though I truly am!!..).. I wanted it a blog for personal thoughts and experiences.. mine and those of others.. (and 'others' includes any decent person who cares to visit the blog and leave a comment.. Syrians... Arabs... ANY human being.. even aliens and extraterrestrial life-forms are welcome!!..)..

However, I have come to realize what I must have known (but tried to ignore) all along.. You simply cannot separate politics from the very personal thoughts and experiences that I wanted to feature on my blog.. certainly not in the simple mind of yours truly, The Syrian Brit!!..

So, my dear friends, from now on, you can expect a mixture of personal thoughts, social and political musings, as well as various general topics..

Unfortunately, I cannot promise to be any more 'prolific'.. or perhaps I should say 'any less lazy'!..


Omar said...

I have been in the same mental struggle with my blog too. I started it to be a very personal thought dumpster with lots of arts and cinema and books.. but slowly, politics crawled into my thoughts and notes, and what I vowed to stay away from all my life (religion and politics) suddenly started being the major theme of any conversation that I got into.. I guess this is part of being Syrian :)

anyway, welcome back to the blogworld.. I hope I will draw some courage from your coming back and start blogging (properly) again..

Zenobia of the East and West said...

NO, i don't think you can avoid the political at all, nor compartmentalize it out from your personal existance. I mean if one cares for it at all to begin with, It will inevitably seep in to your thoughts and come out in the personal.

But why should this be a negative thing. I think it shows that we are at one with the world around us. We care about it - one way or the other - and we are political beings at every moment. That is what i believe anyhow.

I think the best thing is when we can articulate the way that the larger political landscape can be seen and understood as it seeps down into daily life.
Your story in the previous post about the Japanese delegation of professors who came to visit and seek knowledge on emergency medicine - and how their attitude compared to the response of the syrian health care establishments who rejected outside a perfect example. This is a fantastically revealing story. And to my mind it is a story about the political....cultural landscape distilled down into life. I think you also can easily take the lessons of such a story - that of false pride and humility and interpret it back up to the political level. Either way, we learn from that interplay of personal and political.

Anyhow. I look forward to your observations - even should they illustrate the malaise...or the terrible 'mental block' we all feel of late......trying to find some inspriration or a little the endless dialoguing.

H said...

Welcome back!!!!

The Syrian Brit said...

I read a comment you posted on the Levantine Dreamhouse a while ago (Levantine Dreamhouse: Fragments of Memory).. and I think I know who you are... Tell me something.. does the nickname 'Abu Abdo' mean anything to you??...

H said...

Yep, you got me!!! Fabulous powers of deduction!

It was the shiny rice that gave it away, wasn't it....?!

The Syrian Brit said...

It was, actaully!..
Take care darling..

Anonymous said...

From Umm Kamel:

** The Alawite Kingdom of Syria **

*Ruled since 2000 by Princess Bushra Assad (she inherited her father's genius but not his charm or fine balancing acts

*Almost all second-generation members of the royal family and their cousins hold banana republic passports (not that they feel insecure, you understand. The passports are useful for trotting around the globe and discreetly enrolling at nice private schools and universities)

*The family has apun a spider's web of offshore companies to launder their cash and turn it into legitimate business ventures worldwide. They overpay for assets to appease foreign like-minded rulers and their offspring

*Princess Asma (Emma) Assad does not tour rural Syria in disguise any more. She's seen it all..its disgusting compared with Buckingham palace

*Bashar's eyes, bluer than robin's eggs as they say, but a bit too close to each other for a wiley King. He really needs to fold his ears in half to project more charisma to the populace

*Bushra's husband, Shawkat: A true mountain goat with evil eyes and sharp daggers around his waist and in every pocket. He looks rather awkward in a Western suit and uses too much black shoe polish and Brylcreem

...more soon

Umm Kamel

Abu Kareem said...

Glad to see you back. You reminded me that I too wanted to post on more diverse topics but got sucked into the black hole of politics. It is all consuming but I cannot imagine it is very healthy for one's mental state.

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog, I am fairly knew at blogging but starting to get suck into it more. I am planning on creating another blog for those from Iraq and Palestine can post there thoughts and feelings. I hope to get atleast two from each country to post. I too never knew where blogging would take me. I am adding your blog to my favorite bloggers. Will be visiting more often.

The Syrian Brit said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, Chet..
Good luck with your blogging ventures. I shall be visiting your blogs, too, and will hopefully contribute to any ongoing discussions.
Take care

Ammar said...

Ah politics, the well-nigh inevitable pitfall of all those who still possess a living kicking conscience, an inquisitive mind, a tortured soul and a vibrant sense of humanity. Would it too pretentious of me to welcome you to the club, SB?

The Syrian Brit said...

Thank you, Ammar.. It would be an honour and a previlige to belong to a club you are a member of.. However, I am not worthy.. I am a mere amateur simply dabbling in the complex and intriguing world of politics!..

Imaan said...

Gosh, seemes you have been reading my mind. Just read my new post.

Great blog!

Mirzade said...

very nice blog
and i love this post

Fares said...

Syria Brit,

We need your political contributions...if you don't contribute who will???

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