Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Syrian Brit is one-year-old...

It is exactly one year since the Syrian Brit was born.. (I mean the Blog, of course!..)..
As I have alluded in a recent post, I started blogging sometime after I got interested in the various lively discussions that I have come across on the Syrian blogsphere.. I just wanted a medium through which I can express my thoughts.. I do not claim any particular skills or specialist knowledge, apart from life experiences, broad-based reading, and, I would like to think, a degree of commonsense..

When I started blogging, I had no idea how addictively enjoyable this business is.. I had no idea how intimate would become the knowledge that one develops of fellow-bloggers..

I have acquired a few new 'cyber-friends', like Rime, Abu Fares , Omar, Fares, and many, many others.. I had some interesting and very entertaining comments and e-mails from people like Ghalia, Ihsan, George, Ascribo, Gottfried, Miss Levantine, and many others.. I made contact with Abu Kareem, whom I had the good fortune to meet when I was in Beirut back in the early Eighties..

I must say, I am not a particularly prolific blogger, but I find writing to be a very therapeutic exercise.. It allows me to relax, put my thoughts in order, and get my brain organised.. After all, I don't want to sound like a rambling idiot, or make a fool of myself in front of the wide Cyberspace.. even if I know for sure that no-one is actually reading!..

The entertaining, intelligent, and informative posts and comments that the Syrian bloggers make are a constant source of inspiration to me, and a source of enjoyment, fulfilment, and immense pride... I sincerely hope that, one day, I will have the opportunity to meet them in person, to thank them for making my 2006 that much richer for knowing them all..

So, time permitting, I hope to see you all, hopefully more frequently, in 2007..

(Photo by SB: Dinner at Kuala Lumpur Tower.. but that's a story for another time!..)


Fares said...


Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year 2007, hopefully it would be richer and less tragic for Syrian Bloggers.

I always enjoy reading your posts and enjoy common sense and logic.

I guess someone had a vacation in Malaysia!!!! can't wait to read the details.

Good luck and hopes for a better region are needed.

Abu Kareem said...


Happy Anniversary my friend. Hope we meet again one of these days.

abufares said...

Good morning Syrian Brit
What a nice post to wake up to. Although Abufares is still younger than you (didn't make my 1st birthday yet) I find that I agree on all the positive points you've made.
Blogging is certainly one of the most rewarding hobbies I have. All the better because through it I have met some wonderful and extremely intelligent people. I look forward the day when we would all meet.

Dubai Jazz said...

Welcome back Syrian Brit; happy anniversary!!
Reading your blog has made my day in so many occasions, and I am sure it has been the case for many Syrians out there, nothing is more capable of grabbing me out of the intermittent fits of homesickness other than the warm writing of a Damascene expatriate!
Keep up the good work SB, we love you!

Rime said...

3a 'bal many more happy blogger years! :)

Dubai Jazz said...

Ball in your court now SB!

Ascribo said...

Happy Year SyrianBrit!

I was happy to meet you as a blogger this year. I can say only as The Times has put it: Who is the man of the year2006: YOU!

wishing you many happy years to come...