Saturday, July 21, 2007

Homeward Bound

It is finally happening.. Within 72 hours, we will be heading to Damascus..

A few weeks ago, I received that precious piece of paper from the Embassy, giving me permission to visit my Country..

I am particularly excited about going to Damascus this year, because my brother, my sister, and her family will also be coming from the States.. It would be the first time the whole family met together since everybody assembled in our humble abode four years ago, to celebrate my father's eightieth Birthday..

It will be far from a restful holiday.. In fact, it will be diabolically hectic.. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that we will all love every minute of it!.. We will be trying hopelessly (but failing miserably) to keep friends and relatives happy.. There just aren't enough hours in the day, or enough days in two weeks, to accept every invitation for breakfast, lunch, dinner, night-out, or day-trip that we will invariably be invited to... I just hope that I can tactfully convince all those lovely, well-meaning people that it is actually physically impossible to do that..

Apart from all the self-indulgence, the great food, and the delightful company, I am looking forward to seeing the City again.. Damascus never fails to surprise me.. It never fails to amaze me how so much can change in two years.. Unfortunately, not all change is for the better, and often I return so deeply saddened but what I have seen..

Despite that, I will hopefully come back with more precious memories, invaluable experiences, and unmissable moments to cherish forever... What I will definitely come back with is excess weight around my waist, that I will struggle to shed over the coming months.. but hey.. it will definitely be worth it...

(Photo: Abu Rummaneh St., Damascus. Source:


abufares said...

friends, family, obligations, bla bla bla...
I'm waiting for you.

Wassim said...

Neeyalak. Have a great time!

Lujayn said...

One great thing after the other this summer, eh? :)) Enjoy tremendously. I doubt we'll be hearing much from you while you're there, but hope to hear all about it when you get back.

KJ said...

All the best man and enjoy your holiday :)

Rime said...

Bil salameh, have a great time, and let's compare notes later on the blogs (I'm going there again in a couple of weeks).

The Syrian Brit said...

Abu Fares.. Abu Fares.. What can I say!..

I do hope you will soon be able to visit home.. I sympathize entirely..

It has been a marvelous year so far.. Thank you for your wishes..

Thanks for the kind wishes, mate..

Thanks for the kind wishes.. I wish you a great time as well.. and we definitely should compare notes..

Yazan said...

All the best SB,

sallemelna 3ala el-sham.

The Syrian Brit said...

Thank you, Yazan..
Salamak wassal..

Syrian in London said...

belsalameh Syrian Brit, sorry that i missed you while i was there but my internet access was very restricted
have a great time and enjoy the weather.

The Syrian Brit said...

So, you were there too?.. Excellent, Syrian in London.. I sincerely hope you had a good time..
(I had the same trouble with internet access over there.. anyway, welcome back, and el7amdella 3assalameh..)