Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid Mubarak

I wish all my cyber-friends and cyber-family members a very Happy Eid Al-Adha..
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year...

(Photo: Flower in my garden..)
P.s. I know it has nothing to do with Eid, Christmas, or the New Year.. I just thought it might add some colour to brighten up your day..


Wassim said...

كل عام و أنتم بألف خير يا دكتور. أنت و العائلة.

KJ said...

Same to you my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to you to yaa Syrian Brit!

Also you might like to read the following by Ustadh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali:

abufares said...

Kol 3am Wa Anta Bi Kheir Dear Friend.
Inshala we'll get to celebrate some of these occasions together, one coming day.
Best regards to the family.

Rime said...

And best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday. The lovely flower certainly did add color to a rainy, gray and cold day. And I'm in Damascus! :)

The Syrian Brit said...

Thank you all for the kind wishes..

Anonymous (I presume this is actually Jedi Warrior, continuing our discussion from Rime's blog?..),
Thank you for the link.. very interesting read..
I am in no position to dispute the theological basis of the discussion, but to my simple mind, there is a lot to be said for a united position towards something so basic and simple.. We are talking about set dates.. why can't we agree on that?.. simply agreeing with someone else does not necessarily mean we have become subordinates or subservients, don't you think?..

I am desperately jealous, not just over your iPhone, but also over where you are spending Eid!... My daughter is there as well, doing some 'field work' for her Masters.. or so she says!.. Sounds like too much fun if you ask me!.. (but I will be posting about that very soon)..